Just in time to pop my ‘wedding show’ cherry, and take a stand at Rock n Roll Bride Live at Hackney Town Hall, I got East London Celebrant a whole new look, with much thanks to my friend and super cool designer, Miche (who is also half of LUSH films and Nanas of Anarchy, and DJ-ed at her own wedding…there is no ends to the talents of this super woman).

Rock n Roll Bride Live was a total blast. It happened to be on my birthday so my own rock star, Simon, was on hand to help me finish off pom poms and decorating the dream moon arch with colour and fun for my stand. Which did stand out. I spent the day happily chatting with other lovely ‘rock star’ vendors and couples, and learnt loads.

Slightly unnervingly, quite a few couples said that their venue had ‘sorted out a registrar/ceremony as part of the package’. Heart sunk at this comment. Registrars vary in their commitment to offer any variety at all and probably won’t give you a ceremony to remember, and will be totally inflexible to timing. I couldn’t wish more for us humanist celebrants to gain legal recognition in England and Wales. Let’s sort this out.

Many people simply didn’t know that you could have your very own wedding ceremony. Yes, you can.

Hope you like my brand new look. It’s inspired by Peter Blake’s London art and Camilla Wahala’s street art, as well as my love of colours and life. Hopefully, it’s uplifting and eye-catching!