A couple of weeks ago, I went to help new Hackney humanist celebrant who had a stand at a wedding show here. It’s a gorgeous venue, spacious and rustic and stylish all at the same time. As I walked around to look at the local suppliers with interest, I met a man of vintage age, who was interestingly dressed in a purple woolly jumper, a fedora and cords. I complemented him on his bohemian style and we got talking.

It turned out that this man called Terence, was not only the owner of this incredible venue, but he’d actually built it for his own wedding to Hilary. It’d be a disused factory previously, and he told me the work that went into getting it right for his own wedding. In fact, they’d only managed to get electricity the night before the wedding.

Having had their own amazing wedding (of which he had film!), they decided to make it a permanent venue. Over a hundred weddings along, and they have a well-established venue with a giant disco ball, two different spaces for ceremonies and celebrations, a dreamy bar, and so on. I particularly love the sign above one of the entrances that says ‘Department of Life’.

I love a good story and thank Terence for sharing his with me.